Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Nice little corner here for coffee and a little craft work. If you can only hear the birds in the background and feel the cool crisp morning air. Not forgetting the tantalizing aroma of coffee in the air.

I have some errands and appointments to keep today- but guess, i have become one of you guys now. Just got to steal some time to post this. It's a disease and i must have caught on!

Just have to view this from up close. I waited and staked out for about a week now. Sometimes it feels divine when you get a few open blooms at the same time.

Any idea what this is?
(pix above: a pair of silver Kitties)

Flip them upside down = Drinking Little Cups (!)

handmade ( from Lampung, Indonesia )

This is definitely one of my favourites. It's adorning one of the corner walls in Son 2's room at the moment. I don't think they appreciate it as much as me though but i think they do remember why i made this one. I don't say it very often, maybe just only every time i walk into his room and the brothers are there at the same time- " make sure you love each other like he's the only buddy you've got in this world, ok? "

some cross stitch pieces going to be sewn onto the pillow cases.

Must have been at least a decade old, this one. This was one of the fun pieces i did because my husband and boys get to pick out what mode of classic Transportation they would like to see me 'labour' on. Don't ask me how long it took me to complete this one. Just too long. I did a couple more small ones, but i think this was the last 'serious' one.