Saturday, April 25, 2009

IT'S BACK INTO MY KITCHEN.. it's breakfast!

It's back into my kitchen.. sticking my face deep into the spaces of the pantry, refridgerators, baking shelves and my once custom made to order huge oversized drawers to fit all those odd shaped baking trays and utensils and try to see what i've got in here to cook up a storm today?


My kitchen secrets! Useful for days when you have to come up with a home baked cake for that school Fund Raising Project or Class Party.

also found these.. had almost forgotten i even had some of these..beautiful shiny Stainless Steel set in here.

Anyone of you guys out there got one of these babies?

You can cook like a Pro with one of these.. For most parts that i have tried with this set that I have, i must say, it hasn't disappointed me yet!

But for Breakfast- i'll stick to something familiar and cosy like this.

classic wholemeal pancakes with honey and fruits

had two slices of these..Chocolate Coffee Swiss Roll
(i didn't make this. From my friendly bakery..)

A welcoming fruit Shortcake..

Wishing all my bloggy friends a great week ahead and Blowing out my love and kisses to all!

Stay well, stay warm.. stay safe wherever you are!


Monday, April 20, 2009



(edited july 09)

Pic courtesy from Wee Liem

Me with my new phone camera. My exact similar model but in orange skin was robbed just a week ago.. :(

I was more upset that it didn't come in orange more than anything else. Why stopped producing that? Why does everything have to change so quickly?? Just as i am comfortable with something, they tell me, it's OUTDATED!! But i guess i like familiarity. I remember buying the earlier phone because i liked the colour. Now i am getting the same one because i am familiar with the functions and features, so i like it that way.

Does that sound like old age or what?

Anyway, I had just returned from an island hopping trip, snorkeling for the last few days and jungle trekking with a bunch of the coolest people from the Nature Society- exhausting but totally awesome!

My first day here..what a view!

I am never much of an outdoor kind of a person. So when i read in the e mails that was circulated just days before the trip concerning leeches and poisonous leaves in the, that didn't thrill me too much. Blood sucking leeches? Yiiiikes!

Another serious consideration for me to pull out was the need to find my way to meet the other fellow members of the Nature Society at the City Centre Bus Terminal just half an hour before midnight was undoubtedly the greatest challenge for me. Especially not when i had comments from other friends who called me and said "This isn't the airport, you know that.. so you can't like, get there early and browse around safely.."

Apart from the recent trauma of being robbed right in the open alfresco-like setting in full view of many other people around me while i was having dinner with my boys one evening recently had left me extremely nervous whenever strangers would walk up to me ever since or whenever i hear faster paced steps near me in public places. You might ask, "What? No one came to your rescue?" Steven Seagal was not there, unfortunately.. so, no. And the Bus Terminal did sound like a pretty scary place to be especially at that hour. And when was the last time since i had boarded a bus? Nevermind.

I almost didn't make it for this trip if it hadn't been for my sister. I would have otherwise missed out on one of the most enjoyable times of my life and meeting so many good and wonderful people all in one place.

Pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye

The marine fishes and coral reefs, the rough waters (just intermittenly fortunately) and boat rides, the jungle, the fruit bats and even saw a bright green long snake just crossing my path... had been such an experience!

Waking up early to catch the sunrise..

I also enjoyed getting up early to catch the sunrise and watching the sunset.. just so..oooooo sooo awesome of seeing the watercolours of God's art masterpieces in the skies unfolding before my eyes !!!!

Watching the "watercolour art of God's masterpieces" unfolding..

There were always a bunch of serious photographers clicking away.. while me- quite a joke huh? Nevertheless, my convenient Sony Ericson K770 i handphone camera didn't do too badly for me, really. Just can't do too much cool stuff of detailed close shot pictures though.

Serious Photographer at work

(most of the pics used were borrowed from this very kind and generous pro-photographer's work. It was amazing to see what he has captured through his lens/eyes. His work is National Geographic Magazine material. He is certainly one gifted mortal. Need i say more? )

Aside from the fun and experiencing nature at its best in all the adventure activities, there was also a "Beach Cleaning Up" activity slotted in. It was to create awareness that we should all do our little part in preserving our environment for our future generations so that they too will be able to enjoy what we have now.

Most of all, i admire the Spirit that i see in the participants of this trip. No matter what their ages were, they were always so enthusiastic, so ready to live life and willing to give anything a go in the name of fun!

Same spot, different time of the day

*The waters were so beautiful!

Notice the dark shadows beneath? A fellow member had earlier told me that she had observed it for some time from the pier and was convinced that it was definitely not some huge rocks or boulders but was some huge monster fish as it had moved to several different spots in the water.

When she told me that, i thought to myself, "No way am I getting in there! A fish as huge as that would gobble me up for snack in no time at all!!" Not a pretty way to go unless it's a quick big chomp and a quick gulp down and poof* (vanishes).

After much persuasion by other fellow members of coaxing me into the waters with them, (i didn't tell them about the fish tale i had heard earlier.. the expressions on my face says enough already ). I finally gave in only because i was lured by the very cool looking colorful gears they had donned on. And, am i glad to get in there with them! Oh my, it was simply glorious down there! It felt like a different world down there- a different dimension, a world so mysterious, another plateau altogether.

And the dark shadows? I found that they really are just large schools of tiny little fishes together! (Eyes rolling up. )

Pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye

Some of the members singing along to some familiar folk songs..

Rocking movement and motor engine running.. not hard to see why anyone can easily drift off into a sweet restful slumber..

The twin Peaks, simply spectacular!

Pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye

Pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye

Pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye
My first attempt at Snorkeling. There were always many willing and helpful fellow members and friends closeby to help .

The part i might actually miss doing :
spitting into the goggles.

..also, i think of Nemo when i see myself here !

A pic always inspires differently for different people..

i think of cold chilled beer running down one's dry throat on a hot summer's day when i see this pic of the waves breaking on the shores.. (even though i'm no ardent fan for beers ;)

At the jetty. I took a walk up to the jetty each morning i was there. The whole experience felt quite spiritual.. maybe it's the being alone, one with nature integrated .. and the beauty reminds you of the Genius Creator who made it all.

A short trek in to get to the inviting cascading descent of the waterfalls..

Many friends that i'd met on this trip who now remains active on my phone list and Facebook.

Pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye

Pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye

Pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye
Rafflesia is a genus of parasitic flowering plants. It is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth. It occurs only in the rainforests and has a penetrating smell more repulsive than any buffalo carcass in an advanced stage of decomposition.

pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye

pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye

pic courtesy by Mr FC Khye

Cry me a river mama! .. I don't want this to end!