Thursday, January 22, 2009


Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.

This is one of my many favourites, I call it the "English Garden Tea Set". It's so dainty, so enchanting, so frivolous, so madly romantic and almost whimsical, it's sheer delight just to drink from it.

I pull it out from the china Amoire on days when i am in muse absolution, besotted by silly amorous moods.. and pretend i am having tea with the Queen Mother and my Prince is watching me swooned with passionate love for me from the balcony of strong black iron railings, surrounded with a grand ubiquitous panaromic harmonic profusion which is impossible to describe.. coupled with a sense of bliss and contentment in knowing everything will be allright.. even when things aren't going all too perfectly ..

I just have to show the silver tea spoon.. it used to be Ben's favourite. There are 4 of those but I'd used to avoid using them for Ben because i just couldn't bear the thought that he might be disappointed in not finding a clean one of this design that he likes so much when he's on to making another cuppa ..

Ah, notice too- the tea pot and the tea cup can be rested atop one another or break away..

I hope to get to the other sets soon, "The Peasants' Teaset", "The Country Folks teaset", "The Exotic...., The Playful .. " I hope procrastination will not get the better of me..


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Watch this everytime and still feel like the first time.. so intense,  a lot like how life is.. ocassional surprises and bursts of sunshine. Lingering sorrow.
Like one's whole life's story can be described in just this 3 min alone.

Monday, January 12, 2009

ROCK ME BABY : BB King, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jim Vaughn

" I've said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice. Stevie Ray Vaughan missed on both counts, but I never noticed. "

~B. B. King

Another fun vid. with coolest guys jammin'.

It's a treat just watching these guys having so much fun! Each having his own distinctive style in playing but BB KING -uh, he's a cut above the rest.
And Buddy Guy, he's brilliant here too.