Saturday, April 25, 2009

IT'S BACK INTO MY KITCHEN.. it's breakfast!

It's back into my kitchen.. sticking my face deep into the spaces of the pantry, refridgerators, baking shelves and my once custom made to order huge oversized drawers to fit all those odd shaped baking trays and utensils and try to see what i've got in here to cook up a storm today?


My kitchen secrets! Useful for days when you have to come up with a home baked cake for that school Fund Raising Project or Class Party.

also found these.. had almost forgotten i even had some of these..beautiful shiny Stainless Steel set in here.

Anyone of you guys out there got one of these babies?

You can cook like a Pro with one of these.. For most parts that i have tried with this set that I have, i must say, it hasn't disappointed me yet!

But for Breakfast- i'll stick to something familiar and cosy like this.

classic wholemeal pancakes with honey and fruits

had two slices of these..Chocolate Coffee Swiss Roll
(i didn't make this. From my friendly bakery..)

A welcoming fruit Shortcake..

Wishing all my bloggy friends a great week ahead and Blowing out my love and kisses to all!

Stay well, stay warm.. stay safe wherever you are!



laughingwolf said...

looks yum, sil... but have no idea what that gadget is that would make me a pro chef....

SILVER said...

..laughing wolf..
then i'll suggest you let me do all the work while you indulge in the "results" of those labour!

Loretta said...

Hi Silver,
Nothing wrong with getting a little help from Betty Crocker or Pillsbury. I sometimes use cake mixes to make cookies. You just need to change the portions of the ingredients you add. They are delicious. Now, I'll have a serving of everything you've shown for breakfast:)Yum! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! Hugs, Loretta

So blessed! said...

you are so funny!

Boy, all that looks scrumptous. I am heading to the kitchen to see what I can scrounge up. Of course, I don't have one of those funny looking gadgets either, soooooo
I guess I'll go pop some toast in my old fashioned toaster.

Oh, and yes I am so excited about winning that give-a-way. I didn't show too much did it? :-)

Patti Cakes said...

Hey stop all that. I'm on a diet!! I've lost 6 lbs this month.

Since John's been home for a few weeks he's been doing all the cooking.

I'm avoiding cooking as much as possible. LOL

SILVER said...

kind of you to say that.. what goes on inside my pantry has been a well guarded secret for many years ;P

SILVER said...

So blessed-
those funny looking gadgets cost me a bomb..(but i just had to get them becos every lady i know in my circle was.. a case of peer pressure.. hehe)

abt that giveaway price win- showing too much? er.. nay. not that much. ;)

SILVER said...

Patti Cakes-
oh no.. is that supposed to be good or bad?

I know many women would give their at least one limb away to lose 6 lbs!So John is doing a terrific job for your diet then!

Raggedy Girl said...

Great post...I am so wanting to give my kitchen an organizational make-over but since we are knee deep in a bedroom re-decorate I guess I have to wait. I have to admit I do not know what the purple glowing appliance is...

Happy Pink Saturday
from the Raggedy Girl-Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

Do You know how happy I am that you are back!!!! I missed your blogging....

I love that burner plate!!! I am a bit green with envy... I am gonig to have to check that out!!!!

You are a great blogger friend!!!

Just A Gal...

Barb said...

Yummy breakfast, looks like a great way to start a day....Barb

laughingwolf said...

i love the idea of THAT, sil ;) lol

SILVER said...


I am definately a KITCHEN CRAZY DESIGN gal. The most beautiful place in our home(i believe) has to be our KITCHEN!

afterall we do spend a big chunk of our time in there as part of our lives-entertaininng, cooking, bonding.. it's worth paying some attention to this place, i'll say!

yeah.. maybe for your next project after your bedroom re-decor job!

As for the purple glowing glow- it burns.!

SILVER said...

Just A GAL-
i can't help it. I love RETRO too..and cool girlfriends like you!

SILVER said...


yeah. Not sure i will have that much luxury to indulge in this kind of breakfast thing once i join the working population!

i can see it being a pick up and run kind of thing breakfast! (just so i can have a little more sleep before waking!!)

SILVER said...

laughing wolf-
you're always my coolest guest.. always my pleasure!!

Lisa said...

So glad I had breakfast before visiting your blog, I may have jumped into the computer....yummy.

Cezar and Léia said...

wow what a delicious breakfast!

Hello dear Silver!
I would like to thank you for so kind comments in our USA photo blog and invite you to take a glance in our Luna's blog ( it's about our kitty Luna a Brazilian snowshoe cat!

Your blog is always fantastic! But I'm afraid of it would be good for my diet! LOL
Kind Regards from Brazil
Léia :-)

Patti Cakes said...

Come by and see my last post if you haven't seen it. We've been working on my pond.

Back out I go to finish working on the yard.

Hugs. Good to see you!

SILVER said...

it's only breakfast! wait till you see what i have got to tempt you guys for later..;P

SILVER said...

Hey Leia-
ok- gonna make that visit soon..!

actually i'd just came back..funny i didn't see it? ok-going back there again!!

marty39 said...

Everything looks so good. I think I can have some of each. lol Yes, I do get help from all the pros, a few boxes of this and a sack of that and I have a winner. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

SILVER said...

well, anything that helps me "speed" things up a little is always a winner!

My late mom would have disapproved though! She believes in the "make from scratch stock - everything!"

DB said...

I can't read any more of this. It's all too painfully tempting.


laughingwolf said...

that's cuz i'm in the north country? ;) lol

Deb said...

everything looks so yummy! I love the cookie and cake mixes, they even have low sugar cakes mixes and frostings now

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love the cake mixes as well! Tried making a cake from scratch a few years ago and the kids wouldn't eat it!!! It was good, but not as moist as "Aunt Betty's" recipe!! Love the picture of the pancakes!!!

Marie Reed said...

I just adore cake mixes! My kids and I always sing that we 'must make a fake cake' while we dance around the kitchen, stir the batter, and wiggle our hips!

Anonymous said...

Hugs Hugs Hugs!!!
Just wanted to stop by and let you know I have a couple of awards for you on my blog....

Hugs and All My Best!!!

Just A Gal...

SILVER said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SILVER said...

glad it's working. Tormenting people is what i do to entertain myself these days..e hehe he.. (evil laughter!)

Laughing wolf-
North Country? ok.. takes a while to crack this one.. you mean.. Canada? North Pole..Antartica? Or where fairies abound and elves come out to play?

i haven't seen that here though- those with low sugar mixes. Would be really good be for those on diet or with medical conditions.

-yeah yeah.. i love Aunt Betty's mixes and frostings too- those are killers.. i tell you.

What you mean "fake cake" .. got me laughing so hard there!!

SILVER said...

Just a gal!!

Thank you sweetie.. im so honoured!

hugs hugs!!

Chandy said...

Silver, thank you for leaving that nice comment on my blog. Your selection of cake mixes resemble my pantry's! LOL

I hope you visit again soon!

Cakes are probably breakfast qualified, they have eggs, milk and sometimes fruit! ;-)

So blessed! said...

Hey Friend,

Skip on over to my blog, I left you a present :-)

laughingwolf said...

canada, yes... aka 'the great white north' ;) lol

Balisha said...

Hi Silver...first time here. Thanks for reading my blog this morning.
That chocolate, coffee, swiss roll brought back a memory. My Mother used to buy this years ago. Now...the pancakes..I haven't had breakfast yet, so I enlarged the picture and just drooled on my keyboard.I have to go fix breakfast, but I'll be back soon.

Manon Doyle said...

Hey Silver,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm really enjoying yours!!

SILVER said...

Hi! Hi!!

i know many friends will disapprove of these ready mixes- but they are really so convenient and taste pretty good to us.

especially when you've got to come up with something that's on a short notice- like for a child's class party or a friend coming over for tea..

SILVER said...

So blessed!

Thanks for that award! aaaww That's so sweeeet of you to think to share it with me ...

I'm getting around with a post for that.. been so busy this week- you just won;t believe it!

SILVER said...

laughing wolf- "*BINGO!" Canada!!

Balisha- yeah. pancakes our favourite too! We do try to be creative and do many funny things to it - like adding coconut milk or sometimes, also adding mashed pulpy DURIAN into the mix.

But i think that's really an Asian delight and even for some, may still say it has to be an acquired taste!

Manon- how nice to have you here!

Anonymous said...


Where is my fRice ah??hehe..ok mayb this is not the place to request but you could always take pic of nice looking Frice right???yum yum...heheheh

Have a wonderful week ya...

leesah ;)

Patti Cakes said...

Dropping by to say hi! Big hugs