Monday, June 22, 2009

Tasty Hamburger

Initially I had planned for a posting on STREET FOOD. Yes, with busy looking street peddlars, happy smiling children on the sidewalk, a grand array of street food, tantalising aromas and smells in the air that makes up the the very heart, soul and lure of the South East Asia.

I shall reserve that for another time, however. With a subject like that, i could use more time to gather more pictures to work on it. The pictures that i have and write up is hardly going to make it into a decent read at all should i release it now.

Following my last post on picky eaters, it gave me an idea to extend it a little to finger foods. Variety is the word. Ideas. Interchange. Small unintimidating looking bites.

If it doesn't work, try presenting the food by distracting them with their favorite movies on. Or try serving it outdoors. Anywhere for a change and not solely restricted to the rigid rule of the accustomed dining space.

And then i asked my fussy eater what he would like to have and both the boys (including the easy eater) unaimously voted for Mc Donalds. (stucked expression..)

So, even finger food post will have to wait. We'll do one on tasty hamburgers and a dinner so good they will hopefully vote for ahem, Mommy instead of my colorful happy rival sometimes, huh?

Tasty Hamburgers

(to make the patties)
250g minced beef
1 onion
1/3 cup dried breadcrumbs
a tablespoon(tbsp) of tomato sauce
a tbsp of Parmesan cheese
a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tbsp of evaporated milk
1/2 tbsp of lemon juice
2 tbsp chopped parsley
seasoning to taste
some olive oil

Dark Soy Honey Garlic and Sea salt Roast

Creme Caramel
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup water

4 cups of milk, warmed
1/2 cup sugar
6 eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

Melon and Passionfruit in Ginger Syrup

Kiwi Fruit Sorbet

Hope that it had inspired some ideas for you to have a most delightful dinner with your precious ones at home too.

.. and if your past week had been a hectic one, then i wish you lightness and sweetness as you stepped in to yet another exciting week ..with lots of wonderful and pleasant surprises awaiting you.

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Walking on Sunshine... said...

Yes, I am now very hungry for dinner and it's only 7:00 AM. Great pictures, great recipes!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Yummiest Mommy Silver! Welcome to my World!

I'd been there before. I mean when it comes to McKay (for McDonalds)...Alas I had to put my foot down, bit hard but life was not meant to be easy for us.

So Mcs had to be had once a week or so. Only for a treat. Not a habitual treat. :)

At home, I had a trick that worked with my girls. Honestly though, they preferred my cooking. The secret is "cooking with lots of Love". Wink!

I'd love to try your Dark Soy Honey Chicken Roast. At this moment, I have two Turkey drumstick. Maybe instead of chicken, I'll go with the Turkey for a change.

Yummy! Tummy!

Happy to read your culinary bulletin again.


vanilla said...

Now there's a 'burger! mickey d could take lessons. And the desserts--yummmm.

SILVER said...




Hmm.. makes me wonder if i wear as much make up as that happy guy, they may actually take to my food better?


Wendy Lam said...

Wow, Laughton would enjoy a burger like this! I'm tempted too after the super delicious burger and the dessert. Can you make me a feast like this when I get back next month??? yummy!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

The secret of prodding the children to eat is telling them a story of the nutrients that come with the food.

With my girls, each time I served vegies, like for instance Carrot - I told them to eat lots of carrot. Good for their skin and the eyes. Carrots make their eyes glow in the dark.

Believe me, my story was sold out to them. And they passed that along to their friends. So all their friends would eat carrots as well. lol.

Helen McGinn said...

Mmm, yummy! Thank you.
H xx

Lola said...

What time's dinner? Shall I bring white or red with that superb meal?

Wonderfully inspiring post, THANK YOU! I will definitely make my hamburgers tasty à la Silver. No other way from now on.

Lola xx

SILVER said...

WENDY- Of course, Princess! Hope Bermuda is sunny and cheery, say hi to Laughton for me.

BONNIE- eyes that glow in the dark? like those claims our moms used to make, like if you had swallowed a fruit seed, a tree will grow out from the top of your your skull ? ;)


LOLA- Same time and our favorite house wine, as usual!

Rikkij said...

with a mom like you they want Mcdoogles??? the pics look so yummy, but with so many ingredients, does the hamburger lose it's primitive appeal? ~rick

Manon Doyle said...

OMG! This post made me so hungry! Yum!

Pyzahn said...

OMG. That creme caramel looks so amazing. I cannot curb my sweet tooth.

I'll be coming back to see what's on the menu. I will be eating vicariously through you.

Thanks for visiting prattle.

Barb said...

Girl,your food always looks so good it makes me wish I lived close to you so I could come by for dinner....Barb

Wendy Lam said...

It's been mixed actually, the past 2 days we've gotten thunderstorms and gales. Showers and rain. Well I still had a good time though, can't wait to get to Los Angeles next week.

Laughton said hi too and he would like to have a taste too! I can't wait to have burgers when I am back next.


Fancy Schmancy said...

Good lord, thank you for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! Absolutely beautiful pictures and recipes! I cannot wait to go through it more!

DB said...

McDonalds? It must be the continental cuisine and Parisian ambience of the place.


So blessed! said...

Is that an egg on top of that burger???
Boy, the Kiwi Fruit Sorbet looks yummy! I love Sorbet of any kind.
Thanks for making me hungry for something sweet....LOL!

Judith Ellis said...

WOW! That's all I have. Thanks!

Sumandebray said...

I had an eyefull of those lovely treats. I am sure the boys got converted and Mc is having a run for their money.
I would like to know how you marinate the chicken before it finds it way to the oven.
As usual as very tasty posting.

SILVER said...

Hi hi!

RICK- ..hmmm (sigh) Not that I give a rat's ass on who "wins" or not, but it's never been a fair fight with this guy who wears too much make up and funny oversized shoes.

So i do hear the Scottish version, yes, also McD's, Mickey D's, Macky D's, Mc Dick's, McDank's, McDizzle's, McNasty's, McDumpy's..

SILVER said...

Hi! Sending you guys a :)

Manon Doyle



Fancy S

So blessed

Judith Ellis

DB- i think so, too ;)

Barb- my neighbour just walked in to my kitchen earlier and said the same thing. ;) As i didn't prepare enough, she was contented to just leave with the recepi and method for the dish.. this time.

Sumandebray- well, this is my version. May be a little oversimplified for most- but i like the natural sweetness and juice of the chicken, so i don't want to overpower it.

2 small chickens,
(1.25 kg each,halved)
6 cloves garlic, quartered
1/4 cup of mushroom soy sauce
a tablespoon of dark soy sauce
some olive oil
rubbed in sea salt
honey glaze on the skin
with a little butter

i don't have any secrets or ways about doing it (in as much as i would love to brag..if ONLY i had any.) it's always give a love marinate, then either whack it into the roast or into the hot pot/pan. If they come out cooked, they are usually good to be eaten.

Barb said...

Hi Silver,

re pic on followers: you are there on about the 2nd page of them.
(think there are 4 pages.)
You don't think i would have deleted you do you?? No way!!

thanks for coming by

barbara jean

SILVER said...

Barb- ah, that explains it! ;)

Double-Dolphin said...


laughingwolf said...

aww sil, i just put on 10# just looking at the pics ;) lol

got me drooling like a fool, too :O

The Stylish House said...

Silver Dear.....
Perfect timing, I am cooking burgers tonight and have everything on hand to try your upscale version!

SILVER said...

DOUBLE-DOLPHIN- ;)that says a lot..

WOLF- i just love that familiar drool ;)

CATHY- great! ;)

laughingwolf said...

aka: slobber ;) lol

Char said...

Silver, PLEASE send me the recipe for the creme carmele. It is my favorite and this one looks wonderful.

thanks for stopping my blog.

Thomas Sheridan Artist said...

The burger recipe is very similar to how how I make them. Although in recent times I have been replacing the Worchester Sauce with Tamarind paste as it has a bit more kick.

Good blog. I will certainly be spending some more time here. Thanks.

Donna's Book Nook said...

Wow! You're making me really hungry, and I'm on a diet! It all looks wonderful!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll come back here when I'm ready to cook! Donna

Renee said...

Silver the food looks delicious. Yummy.

I hate McDonalds, tasteless overpriced crap.

Okay, rant over.



Ram Bansal, the Theosoph said...

Dear Silver
Your blog is very nice and well-planned. But the blog description and the contents do not match. Give it a thought please.

SILVER said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SILVER said...

:)Sorry to zoom pass you guys reply to Ram first-

hmm. I will think about it, Ram. It's great of you to point it out, really..

It was originally a spin off from REFLECTIONS- i figured that i SHOULN'T remain sad 24 hr.. but "One day at a time" is what i can think of.. because that was what i was aspiring to achieve.

If i have to think of something.. the next would probably be,.."One foot infront of another" hah...! (kidding.)

SILVER said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SILVER said...

hi hi!


CHAR- ok, done

THOMAS- tamarind paste sounds great. A little tangy sour taste sounds exciting!

(For those who can't find tamarind paste, it works pretty much the same by using lime juice.)

DONNA- ;)nice to have you

RENEE- my boys will lobby outside my room if i say i AGREE with you. But I am NOT disagreeing with you.

TC said...

Yum!!! Everything looks soooooo..delicious. Thanks for the recipe ideas. I might have to try out that chicken on the grill this weekend. Happy 4th of July.

Edwin said...

Waaaw. Looks good. Can't wait for tomorrow's dinner. I just ate.

SILVER said...

Hi TC! thanks for the second comment after i'd hit the wrong button on reject earlier.

edwin!- :)

Susieqtpie said...

Hopped in from the Blog Hop!! Loved looking at your pics!!

TC said...

Hey Silver. Try not to eject this one.. :-) I am gonna try cooking up the burgers today on the grill using 100% grass fed, organic beef 93% lean of course. Also, going to use some of the lettuce and watercress I grew in the garden, picked fresh today. Still waiting on the Heirloom tomatoes but they are growing strong. Have a good one.

SILVER said...

Susieqtpie- hi! welcome..hop on aboard!

TC - i'll try very hard this time..;) That sounds really splendid! Naturally produced right from the backyard. Nothing like homegrown unlike those genetic modifieds we all do not have much choice over..(sadly but true).

DipYourToes said...

Wow... Kiwi Fruit Sorbet looks amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful blog. I'm definitely following you. Although consider myself someone of an advanced amateur chef, I truly believe a good meal is nothing without PRESENTATION!!

Most of the time I find that dinner guests usually remember the presentation long after they remember how good the meal was. (How good the meal was is just a given - ha!)

I look forward to your next post.

SILVER said...

Dip your toes- glad you like it. my fav is mango- but you know, the fussy eater always gets to choose first.. ;)

Madtexter- welcome aboard! advanced amateur is good....:)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment. And for leading me here! What a perfectly delicious place you have here!! I know I shall be back!

Bobbi said...

Hi, Wow...everything looks great!!! Now I'm hungry. lol If you would be so kind to stop over at my blog, I have something for you. Have a great rest of your evening.

Sumandebray said...

Thank you very much for leeting me knwo the process.
Will try your way one of these days.
Thanks once again

Anonymous said...

WOW its hard to read your great blog and not get tummy rubbles :-) Lovely stuff, the blog and the food :-)

steveroni said...

Somehow I believe I'm in the wrong place. Isn't this Joe's Bar and Grille? Oh, you say SILVER???

OK, I'll look around. (That did not take long.) And waiter, I'll just have a couple (two) of those Creme Caramel babies, OK?

OK, OK, Sorry--I'll go back home--grin! Maybe I should stay for the hamburger???

Steve E said...

WOW, it's been 3 years since you've been here to your OWN blog? (Looks like July 2009). Well, I can write just about anything, because nobody will EVAH lay eyes on it--but i won't! :) Shhhhh!

So while here, this time I must stop and say howdy, Fel. Gotta admit to being an over-enthusiastic Peep, but food-blogs, or food-sites simply don't make it I'l tell you I miss your other blog--forget now why you folded it up, but I'm sure the reason was good and valid.

Hey, be good to yourself (I know you are doing that--HA!) and to those around you, and even to others. Nice to chat, even if for a few seconds...and won't be seen. L O L !