Saturday, March 21, 2009


When i got back, i was so disgusted to find i have like 15 comments each on both my blogs by a blogger in Australia who left me some creepy comments about satan, god and stuff i don't even know what he was angry about. It just totally freaked me out!! What's his problem? Not something i was expecting to be awaiting my return after such a perfect wonderful getaway.. of just the earth, the wind- the open heavens and me- oh yeah, and a book.

I was thankful to receive an e-mail from another blogger in my inbox warning me about those dreadful messages incase I have not got to them yet and advising me to turn the Comment Moderator back on.

I have also removed my e mail from my profile for now. After such an unpleasant episode, I think maybe, I should take another week off!



HalfCrazy said...

Hi there!

I'm not very religious nor am I an attacker of Christianity of some sort but I find comments like that ridiculous, especially about Satan taking me if I don't follow the Ten Commandments or something hahaha.

I like Tiramisu!

Much Love,

Jeannette St.G. said...

sorry to hear that - it's for those creeps that I put the comment moderator on - rather be safe than sorry! Don't this let you poil your day/week!!

BECKY said...

Hi Silver,
I am so sorry you had some creep ruin your homecoming!! I've heard some bloggers complain about word verification and comment moderation, but it does protect us from that kind of garbage. I read an unsavory comment on someone else's blog and felt terrible for her. So far I haven't had to moderate, but I am very outspoken about my love for God so I will probably get bashed at some point in the future if I don't enable moderation.

I don't know. They say it takes dozens of good comments to help us forget about one bad one, so maybe it's worth it. I guess we are all just taking a chance being out in the blogosphere. There are kooks everywhere!!

Hope next week is more of a breath of fresh air for you!!


Leigh of said...

Shoot, I look at my keyboard when I type busted. My caps were on and I am not going back to retype.
That is certinaly tough. But you know what, there are people out there that are totally ill with themselves, I think that they feel they have to trouble others to make themsleves feel better. It is quite sad. But my oadvice would be to ignore them, they'll go away, dont respond to it at all and pray for them. Again, sad that their life is one in which they cannot awake feeling content with the day God has provided.
Glad you enjoyed your getaway! We are on the same "island" time.

Good to be back. Good to have you back, friend.

SILVER said...

HalfCrazy- not as crazy as the scare i had..

Jeannette- yeah.. security measures applies whether to life in the real or even Cyber!

Becky-a dozen? after like having hundreds of positive affirmations since i started on both blogs till now- just takes one from loony planet- ..uuhh..just awful!

Leigh- heard that this same blogger has been seen to be doing his "thing" in many blogs..


Patti Cakes said...

I don't blame you for turning on your word verification. A very good idea.

Friends are wonderful.

You mentioned mangoes in your post. Yum! I'm going to post a recipe.

Big hugs

laughingwolf said...

just do what needs doing to stay safe, sil... we don't mind

as for tiramisu, when ye gonna invite me over? :O lol

SILVER said...

Patti Cakes- ok..going to check on that soon..

Laughingwolf- and between us, since when do we have need for invitations? When i go to your blog, i just make myself feel right at home! (Sometimes i even thought i was until reality calls..)

Anonymous said...

Happened to some of the bloggers that I know. I have been around for 4 years and have seen some happening. Don;t let that get to you.

I feel angry that it has to happen to you. You are right, no one needs that at all!

Marie Reed said...

Eeeek! Scary! Now I know what to do when I go on vacation.. I'm so sorry that you had to have that experience! Poor Silver!

Loretta said...

Hi Silver! It's so great to have you back!!! I'm sorry you had to come back to those awful comments. Hugs, Loretta

Billy Coffey said...

Something like this happened to me recently, totally catching me off guard. I guess I sort of took for granted the fact that since I had a very unoffensive blog, I would get very unnoffensive comments. Not so.

The price, I suppose, for reaching out to others. I think you did the right thing, and I'm glad you had such a wonderful getaway.

Debra said...


I'm so sorry for any negative or unwanted ugly thing spoken to you. It is so unnecessary. Please don't let it stop you from speaking about God or love. And I have the comment moderator on because it happened to me too. I think everyone understands.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comments. It's lovely to meet you.

Blessings to you today!

SILVER said...

Anonymous- thks. i agree

Marie-you can say that expression again!

Loretta- it's ok. I'm thinking of Tiramisu..

Bill- you're so right when you said since we had a very "unoffensive" blog.. totally didn't see this coming.

Debra- sad to have this happening in this nice little Community!

Judy said...

So glad you enjoyed your trip and I missed you. Also, sorry to hear about the bad messages someone left for you and definitely think you should turn on your controls on your comment section. Spring has sprung here also and I am finding it hard to stay inside and blog, etc. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Judanna said...

Silver I am so sorry that happened to you. I know how it feels because they left it on mine. I am a great lover of God. God is of love and what they left felt like evil. I did not read it all because it felt so evil. No matter what you do in this life, there is always some google head to try and spoil it. Have a blessed day.

SILVER said...

Judy- :)i will leave them on. I realised why we have that feature now.

Judanna- You too?

Yeah, i tried to "understand" the first 3 becos i still couldn't believe it has to mean what i think it did.. yeah..if felt like, a call from hell.

So blessed! said...

Hi Silver...I have miss you. So glad you had a good time away. Sorry to hear that a lunatic had to go and spoil it though. Well, we know who we believe in and it sure isn't what they were trying to send your way.
Have a great rest of they day!

laughingwolf said...

welcome any time, sil... glad you feel that way, i'm at home here as well

visit at all hours, and stay as long as you like :)

McMGrad89 said...

Well, I came to visit you today after your visit to my St. Patrick's Day blog and your kind comments only to find you have been the victim of just the opposite. What a shame that people can't just follow the rule I am sure their teachers, if not their parents, taught them of not saying anything if they don't have anything nice to say.

Best wishes and I don't mind jumping through a few little hoops to leave you a kind word.

Kindest regards,

SILVER said...

laughingwolf- you made it sound so welcoming. i like that, my friend.

AnneMarie-'s kinda sad, isn't it? But still- at others' expense.. hmm..NOT COOL!

miruspeg said...

Being an Australian I am also disgusted that this blogger left those horrible comments.
Thank heavens you have a huge circle of wonderful friends to counteract this act.
We will always be there for each other....good ALWAYS prevails.

And you have so much goodness Silver.
Big hugs

PS Pleased you have touched base with my friend Annemarie, she is a lovely Texan I am going travelling with.

Deb said...

I'm sorry that happened to you, I had someone leave a long post like that too...I erased far no more problems

SILVER said...

miruspeg- guys travellling together? I am just SO JEALOUS!! me wanna come too!!

talking about being Australian- i love Australia!! There isn't a spot that isn't is beautiful, isn't it? So clean and spread out! So beautiful. But now, whenever i check my traffic site, and i see AUSTRALIA- i get a weird spooky eerie chill.

So AUSTRALIANS, if you come visiting, PLEASE my HONEYs, leave me a comment-

like June Saville from Australia was here..

miruspeg ...from Australia was here..

the count has to tally ok, People or that may just make me very nervous!!

SILVER said...

Deb- oops, soory.. missed you there.. too. I went on a cleaning spree in my two blogs and inbox- but saved in in a Word Doc. (for evidence) just incase i need to use it later..(training in Law..with tongue in cheek)

Set the Moderator on..even as i was still deleting (Forever) those sick messages, 5 more new ones came in. When he realised the Moderator was back on, IT stopped.


SILVER said...


ah..soory i zoomed passed you in cyberspace!

i'd missed you too!

miruspeg said...

Hey Silver just popped back to read your comments and as instructed left a comment...LOL!

Have a great day.

SILVER said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SILVER said...

you're such a good girl!

hugs in return!

Barb said...

I am so sorry that happened to you, but so glad you have many friends for support.

Blog land is a wonderful place, and I'm sure your friends do not mind an extra step in getting a sweet note to you.

This is my first visit, so I'll go back and read more of your posts.

Blessings on your day, and pray all your comments are lovely.

Barbara Jean
PS I love that peaceful photograph you shared. I need to take a deep breath and just

'go' there'. =0)

Silver said...


Some days everything just get a little all too,

yeah, don't we all!!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I understand your fear. I had a thing similar happen to me, and it so freaked me out, that I didn't even want to get on the computer. It made me very, very cautious about the Internet.

And you're right, no one needs this kind of's is so freaky!

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I haven't been around the computer much today to respond to comments. I appreciate you stopping by.

Have a great night!