Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The epitome of beauty and gooodness..

Baring your soul...

I love the garden so much. Only just a week ago, while I was stucked in the car workshop for hours which not even a good book would help me kill waiting time, i had a most enjoyable chat with a gentleman who was also there.

After a couple of nods and courteous exchange of weather topics and car problems, we started on the topic of gardening.

I quite remember telling him that if I didn't have a garden to go to whenever I need to, I would have died by now. Life just seems too hard without this place to dampen all the hard knocks in life and heal us. He seemed to agree with me and drifted off in his own thoughts for a while.

Just as I was leaving, he pulled out a plastic bag of this tea-like substance and gave it to me.

It is compost(from palm fibres) he had made himself. I thought that it was such a nice gesture! Anything 'home-made', 'hand-made' is always a winner for me!

I promised that gentleman I will try it for my lawn and then sit back for 2 weeks and be blown away by the result. (Okay, a bit of procrastination here.. i was busy with Christmas, remember?)

I think, maybe that's what I like about genuine gardeners.

They may not be getting rich by what they do, but this passion of gardening that comes from a true gardener's heart prompts them to tirelessly work in their garden whether one has time or not, whether in sunlight or moonlight and always having something to share.

Just to work and play with plants carries an amazing power to soothe and calm every troubled soul and refreshes every spirit.

And just looking at these pictures from my garden, makes me want to go sit by each and every plant that I have visited today and tell them- just how grateful I am, for baring their soul to me and letting me do like wise.



Edgar said...

Always felt a certain bond with nature - the gardens are often the closest we have to nature. I can definitely appreciate you feelings. Happy New Year. Edgar

Edgar said...

I have always loved nature.The garden is the closest we can get to nature on a daily basis. Hence, i fully appreciate your feelings. Happy New Year. Edgar

SILVER said...

Thanks, Edgar.

I see that my post today must have moved you quite a bit.. ;) Happy New Year